Lessons Learned Using Google Consumer Surveys

survey graphs are interactive
There are a lot of things I enjoy, but one that tends to make me smile is when I get to play with other people’s money. This is especially true if the donor is Google. Their coupon offer to use Google Consumer Surveys was one I couldn’t resist, but I should’ve waited. [Read more...]

Slash the Duplicate URLs

Screaming Frog results showing similar URLs

It’s not even April and I’ve made another foolish mistake on this site. Call it my own version of “March Madness” and quasi duplicate URLs. It’s an error of my own making and I have no one to blame. Chances are it may be one that you have too. Fortunately, I’ve discovered this one early so it will be easier to fix. [Read more...]

Where Else Has That Image Been Used


This tutorial relates to a previous article where I questioned if stock photos were the best. I’m not against stock photos, but I think people should consider the context and frequency of use. Below are two reverse image search engines that you can use to see where an image has been used on the web. This is useful in evaluating if a photo has been overexposed or if someone else is using your images without permission. [Read more...]

Every Picture Tells Two Stories


You know what happens when you get 5 webmasters on a phone call and the subject of Google duplicate image penalties comes up? The answer is easy — an argument. Each of us had ideas as to what was happening after hearing this rumor. None of us knows what Google is doing and some didn’t think there was a penalty. [Read more...]

The Website Gatekeeper – Robots.txt


I got a call from a friend who was upset that his website traffic had dwindled, and sales were on a steep decline. My first thought was maybe he got caught up in some link scheme that got his site penalized. It turns out the problem was a simple mistake that many people have made including me.

[Read more...]

Learn From Your Competitors History

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Do you ever wish you could go back and see website snapshots over time? Perhaps, you’d like to see how a competitor looked or even your own site. Although we don’t have a web time machine, there are two free resources that can provide you a historical perspective.  [Read more...]